HAHTsite hsrun reports the following:

An error occurred communicating with the HAHTsite Scenario Server, probably because the Scenario Server process running this application has terminated due to an error. Report this problem to the site webmaster.

Diagnostic information:

Error Unable to communicate with the hsserver process using the configured address and port number.
Connection refused
Foreground Host websvr1
Installation Name Update
Server Group General
hsrun type CGI
URL http://search.gttr.ac.uk:80/cgi-bin/hsrun.hse/General/2017_gttr_search/StateId/FWB6PVw6Z0tHpjzB9odLxhMZTGDD3-VEzH/HAHTpage/gttr_search.HsForm.mapFormToCmd
StateId FWB6PVw6Z0tHpjzB9odLxhMZTGDD3-VEzH
Date/time 19 Aug 2017 19:25:07.662