HAHTsite hsrun reports the following:

The supplied URL is incorrect. If you entered the URL manually, make sure it is correct. If the URL was generated by selecting an item on a previous page, the page may have an error in it. In this case, report this problem to the site webmaster along with the URL to the previous page and the item you selected.

Diagnostic information:

Error The form data must consist of name=value pairs, and an element was found with no =

Foreground Host websvr2
Installation Name Update
Server Group General
hsrun type CGI
URL http://search.gttr.ac.uk:80/cgi-bin/hsrun.hse/General/2017_gttr_search/StateId/F-Yt6X34iw-4pdih9kmKFnOqDpRyq-4AHZ/HAHTpage/gttr_search.HsProfile.run
StateId F-Yt6X34iw-4pdih9kmKFnOqDpRyq-4AHZ
Date/time 21 Sep 2018 00:12:00.830